Welcome to Jackson Publishing! We’re a premiere all-in-one publishing company that does publishing the way it’s meant to be done, from start to finish.  You’ll never have to go through any difficulties as a new or experienced author, since every individual on our publishing team is versed and committed to take whatever project that you might have and get it published using the most effective tools and procedures. We truly believe we are the Ritz Carlton of Publishing companies with our excellent customer service, strong name brand, and quality staff.


Why Choose Us?

In the process of getting your handy work published, you’ll definitely want to get it done by highly experienced professionals who know the precise steps to take, which will ensure a smooth and seamless process. Besides this, there are many other reasons why you should choose Jackson Publishing as your specialist for book publishing. We take every single procedure that’s necessary to have your book published in the highest order. This means, we proofread your book, edit it, design your book cover and so much more to ensure that it’s in perfect shape and fit for the market. Unlike other publishing companies, at Jackson Publishing you maintain 100% rights to your work and 100% of your royalties.  Our team of experts understands how frustrating it can be to publish your book and we have decided to take the pressure off of you by doing all the hard work – especially if you’re a new author, we have your back!

We’re experts with extraordinary zest and zeal for publishing books. Our passion doesn’t end here either as we have worked with many upcoming and successful authors to help them to reach their goals with their book projects, just by doing what we do best – professionally publish their books. Our services are incomparable and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied, comfortable and most importantly, that they achieve their goals and expectations; so have no fear when you choose Jackson Publishing because we’re always committed to make the best of your work with little to no effort from your side.

Additionally, you can always count on us to have your project completed in a timely manner as we provide a 24/7 support and customer service that is always welcoming and have your best interest at heart. Despite our high quality publishing services, we are still very affordable, so it’s always a win-win for you because we are so passionate about our calling, which is publishing for valuable customers just like you. Start off with us and let’s take your book to the next level by getting it published.