The Jackson Publishing Way

As you embark on your journey of becoming an Author, allow professionals who have traveled through the minefield accompany you. Jackson Publishing walks you through each step of the publishing process, which involves:

1.Contract Signing Day

We’d like to congratulate you on signing. Here at Jackson Publishing we like to promote you and share the good news on our website and social media. This is a huge leap for you and we want to share this very special moment as we highlight your work for the world to see.

2.Writing Coach Consultation

Our team is fully aware of how important your ideas are and that’s why we are so dedicated. Our job is to ensure that your content richly flows and connects with your expected audience, and our writing coach consultation facilitates this. Our aim is to steer your book in the right direction. At times it can be extremely difficult to get your thoughts on paper our writing specialists can help.

3.Designing Your Book Cover

Are you still in the process of writing your book? If yes, that’s not an issue when using our services. We can still design your book cover in advance until your book is completed and ready to undergo the other steps. Let’s create an eye catching design that will blend with the theme and genre of your book! This allows you to get pre orders and is a great way to market your work early and build the buzz and anticipation.

4.Obtaining an ISBN Number

Our team is fully experienced in the publishing world and that’s why we highly recommend that you acquire an ISBN number in the process of publishing. This number is very essential as it uniquely identifies your book and other publication information.

5.Copyrighting Your Book

After working so hard on your work and having it published, you need to let the world know that it’s yours by protecting it. Copyrighting is a vital process that you need to consider in order to prevent others from stealing your work and re-distributing it.


Having completed your book, you want to ensure that it is free of all errors in order to maintain your integrity and reputation as an author. At Jackson Publishing, our awesome top-notch editors review your book(s) to check for grammar, spelling, structure and flow. This is very critical and ensures that your book has no flaws and is perfect for publishing.

7.Trim Size

Have a specific trim size option in mind? Would you like a book that can easily fit into your bag There’s no need to panic or wonder if we can have it done. We offer a wide range of trim sizes for your book, just say the word and our experienced publishers will get it done to perfection.

8.Proof Your Book

In process of employing our extraordinary services, you can always expect the best quality to your specification. Our team of professionals will proof your book and present a copy to you before going live with it. This means that you can request any addition changes that you might require.

9.Kindle Conversion

Publishing your book on multiple platforms is very crucial for marketing and outreach reasons and with continuous improvements in technology, having an EBook is a very important attribute in the publishing process. Jackson Publishing also specializes in getting your book converted to Kindle version so that you can have it listed on the Amazon Marketplace, which is one of the leading EBook markets in the world.

10.Marketing Consultation

We must admit that one of the main reason for writing is to reach a large audience and possibly become a best seller. Our team has realized that marketing plays a major role in achieving this, therefore we place great emphasis on marketing consultation, to help you get your book known across the globe.